Precautionary Measures

WASA advices its consumers to beware of the following:
  • The WASA staff is not authorized to receive cash for payment of bill on behalf of the consumer. Therefore, WASA will not be responsible for any claim of cash payment to WASA employee.
  • Complaints of receiving cash payments fraudulently by some irrelevant persons on the pretext of meter change etc. have been received in certain areas. The consumers are therefore requested to avoid cash payment to any person.
  • The dead meter is changed on specific indent/advice by the field staff. The pipe fitter, that is authorized to change the meter, has the signed application form that the consumer submitted at the WASA office. The consumer must satisfy himself in respect of identification of the pipe fitter before allowing the change of meter.
  • Installation of un-authorized water connection without sanction is a serious offence and liable for challan proceeding in the court of Additional Commissioner (J&R) besides 3 years penal charges.
  • Before purchasing a property, please ensure that no water utility bill/arrears are outstanding against the property which you are going to purchase.
  • In case of rented property, please ensure the utility bills including water/sewer bills are paid. Similarly, the tenants before getting possession of a property on rent must ensure that the payment of water bills is up-to-date.
  • In case you misplace your bill or by any chance don't receive it in time, you can easily retrieve it online. Follow the link to get your duplicate bill.