Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Stations

Following are details of water supply, sewerage and drainage stations:

Water Supply

Number of tube wells 316
Pipe lines' length 3"-20" dia 3,200 Km
Population served 4.11(M)
Per capita per day  80 gallons
Water production  329 MGD
Water connections 610,000
Population coverage 90%
(Cantonment, Defence Housing Authority, Model Town, Railway Colonies and GORs are not included.)


Pumping capacity  2456 Cusec
Major pump stations 11
Lift stations 61
Sewers length  3610 Km
Population coverage 80%

Drainage Stations

Drains length 180 Km
Major drains 8
Tributary drains 76
Carrying capacity  6474 Cusec
Drainage pumping stations 4
Pumping capacity of drainage stations 563 Cusec