Lodge a Complaint

Complaints that don’t require documentation

The following complaints are finalized on the spot at WASA’s Customer Service Centers of revenue divisions without any written application:
  • Duplicate bills
  • Parts/installments
  • One term surcharge adjustment
  • Billing history
  • Other information about billing

Complaints that require documentation

Following complaints are required to be submitted in writing along with a copy of CNIC as well as all the necessary supporting documents at the revenue division offices as follows:
  • Adjustment of wrong debit
  • Adjustment of wrong payment
  • Adjustment of more than ones surcharge
  • Adjustment of un-meter payment account on conversion
  • Adjustment of security
  • Adjustment of meter cost
  • Bill not issued/no received regularly
  • Correction of bill
  • Correction of area
  • Correction of property number
  • Correction of address
  • Confirmation of payment
  • Construction to domestic
  • Construction to commercial
  • Commercial to domestic
  • Conversion to meter A/c
  • Change of name
  • Change of tariff
  • Disconnection on request
  • Domestic to commercial
  • Domestic to charitable
  • Domestic to construction
  • Duplicate billing
  • Excess reading
  • Installation of meter
  • Installation of test meter
  • No sewer at site
  • Property locked
  • Wrong reading
  • Without reading
  • Division of bill on actual reading
  • Revision of average as per area