Tender Documents

Improving Financial Management and Reporting system

International Water Supply & Wastewater Management Specialist

Individual International Consultant for Project Management Support

Manufacturers/Authorized agents for procurement of consumer water meters

Consultancy services of International specialist to carry out Economic and Financial analysis for the Lahore Water & Waste Water Management Project

Hiring of Individual Consultant for Enlistment of Druggist on WASA Panel

Improving financial management and reporting systems
Short Listing of Consulting Firms

Lahore water and waste water management project
Short Listing of Consulting Firms

Desilting of Sewers and Drains of Lahore

Hiring of individual consultant for WASA laboratory

Procurement Plan for PCGIP

Expression of Interest and TOR

Desilting of Sewers and Drains of Lahore

Supply of POL for its Vehicles/Generators/Machinery etc

Placement of Chemists on WASA Panel

Commercial Auditors

Request for Proposals

Hiring the Services of Private Security Company in WASA, LDA

Construction of Waste water treatmet plants at South-West (Babu sabu) and North-East I (Mehmood booti) & North-East II (Shadbagh)

Supply of POL to Generators/Machinery etc. of WASA, LDA, Lahore at door step

Hiring of services of Private security agency

Medical stores

Individual consultants/experts for carrying out external review/evaluation of the reports of Master Planning study of WASA, Lahore

I.T. Equipments

Procurement of Tracking System

Request for Proposal


Procurement Plan

Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal

Establishment of SCADA System at Tubewells, Disposal Stations and Lift Stations for WASA Lahore

Prequalification Document

Request for Proposal - Consultancy Services

Tender No. P&S/25.01/5623 - Design, Procurement , Installation and commissioning of 20,000 LPH Water Filtration and Bottling Plant in Johar Town and Tajpura

Storm water Drainage system from Haji camp via Laxmi chowk, Nabha road, Chuburji to Sham Nagar, Lahore

Storm water Drainage system from Sham Nagar to River Ravi, Lahore 

Request for Proposals

Procurement of Group Life Insurance

Pre-Qualification Documents

Design, Review and Resident Supervision of the Projects

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Laying of Sewerage System from Larech Colony to Gulshan e Ravi Lahore

Fund Releases DLI-3

Android based Consumer Survey of WASA Lahore

Public Hearing Notice

    RFP-Consultancy Services for Sewerage System

    RFP-Consultancy services for Sewerage System from Larex Colony to Gulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore

    ANDROID Based Consumer Survey

    Addendum # 1 Minutes of Pre-Bid meeting of ANDROID based Consumer Survey of WASA, Lahore

    Request for Proposal ANDROID based Consumer Survery of WASA, Lahore

    Establishment of SCADA System

    RFP-Consultancy Services for Establishment of SCADA System at Tubewells, Disposal and Lift Stations for WASA, Lahore (Design and Supervision)

    Expression of Interest

    Consultancy Letter

    Improvement of Water Supply System in Johar Town & Taj Pura Zones

    Improvement of water supply system in Muhammad Ali Johar Town & Taj Pura Zones through zoning / isolation, installation of filtration plants and 100% metering (bulk, distribution & consumer levels), Lahore.

    Corrigendum - Prequalification Documents

    Prequalification Documents

    Signed Procurements Plan

    Master Plans

    Terms of Reference for preparation of master plans for the water, waste water & storm water drainage of Lahore District.

    Preparation of Master Plan for Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage System for Lahore.