Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) was established by Lahore Development Authority during 1976 for the planning, designing, development and maintenance of water supply sewerage and draining system in Lahore. Various Directorates were established to accomplish the assignment. An essential component of this mandate is the delivery of a safe, reliable and efficient water supply to satisfy the demand of all sectors.

The Organization of WASA is headed by the Managing Director, who is further assisted by three Deputy Managing Directors; DMD Finance, Administration & Revenue, DMD Operation & Maintenance, and DMD Engineering. There are nearly 6200 WASA employees in various categories. WASA gets Revenue from selling Water, Sewerage and Aquifer.

The Provincial Government allocates share of property tax. The budget and increase in user charges is approved by Government of the Punjab. The sanction of expenditure and procurement is carried under financial rules of the government.

WASA Lahore is striving to be an ideal organization that provides quality service to its exceeding consumers who expect excellence of services through WASA's devoted and committed staff. WASA Lahore aims at contributing towards making Lahore city cleaner and more environments friendly by:

  • Offering quality consumer services in the field of Water Supply and Sewerage.
  • Ensuring cost effective measures in development works and operation & maintenance.
  • Adhering to professional ethics and zero tolerance for corruption.
  • Revenue generation at least sufficient enough to meet the non-development expenditure and to make the system self- sustainable.
  • Training and motivating employees and to develop cooperation and communication at all levels.