Vice Chairman WASA

Sheikh Imtiaz Mehmood


For the betterment of services/ good governance in WASA, I am determined to provide clean healthy water, best sewerage and drainage system necessary for ideal life by following the vision of great leader Imran Khan.I am assured and confident that we will retain highest quality standards in rendering services to our esteemed clients. Let's work together for WASA Lahore to achieve the targeted milestones and mission of WASA Lahore which is to make WASA Lahore “A high class service provider for the people of Lahore and thereafter to be the Centre of excellence in water sector in the country”.


  • Increase in monthly revenue of WASA from 25 crores to 75 crores without increasing the tariff.
  • Re-Establishment of WASA Training Center and Post Induction Training of newly appointed SDOs and Sub Engineers in January 2019 first time in WASA.
  • Operation against encroachments at Township, Shadbagh and various other location vacated the precious Land worth more than 300 Million.
  • Wazu Water Reuse Pilot Project successfully completed adjacent to Khizra Masjid Johar Town and Handed over to PHA. So far PHA has installed 58 Wazu Water Reuse Plants.
  •  Attendance of field staff is available with pictorial evidence at each Tubewells and other installations of WASA.
  • Desilting Schedule of drains and Sewer is publically available to ensure the quality of work and public satisfaction and thorough desilting of all Drains which was not done in last 30 years
  • Introduced Social awareness campaign in school textbooks to conserve water and several seminars organized for water ambassador program by WASA in different schools
  • Started the issuing of Notices to Restaurants on misuse of WASA Sewerage system
  • Implementation of Open Door Policy for Public in all WASA offices.
  •  Establishment of Pensioners Facilitation Center for WASA Pensioners and dues of all employees has been cleared on the day of retirement.
  • To empower & motivate Women female officers are posted in field as XEN (Operations) for the first time in history of WASA.
  • Request has been forwarded for provision of Police for enforcement against any crime related to WASA
  •  Establishment of three Desilting Gangs for comprehensive desilting of sewerage system in Lahore 
  • Departmental sponsored 07 Employees to perform Hajj through Balloting every year.
  • Grant of Interest free loan to WASA employees on easy installments and Support allowance to WASA employees from BPS 01 to BPS 20.
  • Approval of Surface Water Treatment Project for Drinking purpose after the treatment to save Underground water level.
  • Recruitment of Special persons against 3% special quota has been done.
  • Implementation of Wage rates for work charge employees as notified by Punjab Government from 17923 to 20200
  • Increase in fix overtime allowance of Drivers from 2500 to 5000
  •  Approval of Tunnel boring project from LARECHS to River Ravi has been accomplished.
  • Started the Challan to Householders on water wastage e.g. Car wash & Ramp Wash with pipe rather than bucket.
  • Amnesty Scheme introduced for Regularization of Illegal Connections and aquifer license, so far about 50 Thousand connections has been added in WASA billing during last 2 years.
  • Approval of 100 percent water metering project has been accomplished.
  • Approval of Waste water treatment plant project has been accomplished.
  • Starting of “Khuli Kachehries” Culture first time in the history of WASA and problems of thousands peoples resolved at their doorstep